BOTOX® Cosmetic

Botox Cosmetic is a prescription biologic drug that targets one of the underlying causes of wrinkles. s administered via injection.   It works beneath the skin’s surface to temporarily reduce muscle contraction in the treatment area. 

This results in softer, smoother skin appearance and less noticeable lines.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

Botox is a quick appointment, and you can easily routine to your daily routine. It is injected with tiny needles and it isn’t unusual to temporarily have little red bumps that will go away with 15 minutes.

Things to Keep In Mind

You may feel effects begin in 48-72 hours, Botox takes at least 10 days to be in full effect. Please schedule in advance of special events.

It lasts an average of 3 months, but some movement will return in 8-10 weeks. This does not mean the medication has worn off.

Botox will not erase lines that are etched in and have taken years to develop.

Remember, wrinkles are caused by many factors including aging, sun exposure and skin changes.

Before Your Appointment

If you workout, please do so before your treatment. You will want to avoid exercise for 24 hours after your treatment 


2 days prior…Avoid alcohol and any medication that thins the blood to avoid bruising, including Advil and oil based supplements like fish oil or Vitamin E.

Although rare, bruising is always a possibility

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