Ultrasound in Aesthetics

Ultrasound is an imaging tool used in medicine to see structures beneath the surface of the skin. The use of ultrasound in aesthetics is fairly new, but is recently been gaining popularity.

How ultrasound is helping injectors and patients?

Improves safety and efficacy : Ultrasound was first used to assist with vascular occlusions, a condition where filler can interfere with blood flow to an area.  Injectors are now able to locate the problem area and restore blood flow quickly. Now some injectors are starting to map high risk areas before the treatment starts to decrease the risk of blocking blood flow.

Dissolving: We’ve seen the puffy over-filled faces of celebrities and lips of friends. Ultrasound leads to more precise delivery of the medication Hylenex, the enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid. This means less tissue trauma, decreased costs and the ability to look like yourself again with less sessions.

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Reasons you may need or want dissolving

Looks: You received a treatment and it didn't turn out how you expected.  Repeated injections over the years and resulted in puffy, misshapen lips or cheeks. You feel like you don't look like yourself.

Lumps and Bumps: Areas with thinner skin such as lips and undereyes are more prone to visible lumps and bumps

What is the cost to dissolve is filler?

Dissolving can cost as much or more than the original syringe you had injected. The medication is expensive. Using ultrasound guidance takes more time than blindly dissolving filler because it requires more precision,  clinical expertise, and specialized equipment. As filler ages, there are more filler particles to target and this can require multiple sessions.

What are the side effects of dissolving?

There is a less than 1% chance of allergic reaction which is more likely if you have a bee sting allergy. Other potential side effects include risk for local swelling, bruising, discomfort, itching. Also be prepared for disappointment in how the treatment area may look once the filler is dissolved. You might miss the volume you had in your lips until its safe to have them refilled. Dissolving can take a commitment, but eventually results in a more natural appearance.

Schedule a consultation if you’re interested in filler dissolving

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